At Senergy Fitness, we offer cutting edge fitness training programs aimed at helping clients just like you look your best, feel your best and perform your best at both sport and life!

From customized one on one and semi private personal training to our wildly popular, high energy, group HIIT training programs, our mission is to deliver UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS and an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE!

All programs include: Ever-changing dynamic, results oriented, functional fitness programming created and led by our certified and experienced fitness experts, ongoing fitness assessments, nutrition support and guaranteed results!

Our Programs

Our 40-45 minute, high energy group training programs of 5+ clients are the absolute best method for trimming fat and improving cardiovascular fitness while increasing strength and toning/shaping muscle. We offer a variety of programs that allow you to focus on specific areas of your body on specific days. The exercises and time intervals of each program change weekly. This “muscle confusion training” prevents boredom, overuse injuries and training plateaus while maximizing results and fun.


The toughest workout you’ll ever love! Boost your metabolism while strengthening muscle and improving your cardiovascular fitness. This 45 minute Total Body Conditioning workout is an intense circuit-style workout which utilizes a combination of compound strength training exercises with anaerobic conditioning drills. There’s very little rest but lots of sweat, calories burnt and results. Get stronger and leaner in this fast, furious and fun workout.


Our “STRENGTH” programs can be performed in either a 40 minute, semi-private environment of 2-4 clients or in a 30-minute private session. Our Functional Strength Training programs are composed of individualized focus and attention on your personal goals. During your initial assessment, we will take baseline measurements and set realistic and attainable goals. We then develop and implement your customized functional fitness program. Over time, we’ll regularly assess your progress and make adjustments in your program to ensure results.


Crank up your fat-burning furnace with high intensity interval training! This 40 minute session combines intervals of high intensity exercises followed by intervals of recovery. HIIT&RUN is our pure cardio session where every exercise elicts a cardio response. The focus is on fat burning and cardiovascular fitness. Accelerate fat loss with HIIT training by burning 9x the fat compared to traditional steady state “cardio” thanks to the after-burn effect!


Our CORE program consists of 40 minutes of core work (all the muscle of the stomach and lower back) combined with intervals of high intensity cardio exercises. Burn fat, tighten your core and strengthen your low back all at once.


This 40 minute session combines functional strengthening and toning exercises for the glutes, hams and quads with fat burning cardiovascular interval exercises. You’ll see improvements in lower body strength, power, balance, stamina, agility and overall tone and shape.


In our new HIIT&UPPER workout you’ll experience 40 minutes of functional strength training for your entire upper body (chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps) combined with fat burning cardio intervals. You’ll trim the fat while strengthening and toning the muscles of your upper body.


Our newly released HYBRID-HIIT workout is designed to completely shake up your routine, keep your body guessing and give you a total body workout that scorches fat.

It’s called HYBRID-HIIT because it will have some components of each of our HIIT workouts (maybe some arms, maybe some upper or lower…but always plenty of cardio intervals). Experience 40-45 minutes of always varying exercises programmed to trim the fat, improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthen and tone your muscles.


I have trained with personal trainers and have belonged to numerous gyms, but there is no better place to workout than Senergy Fitness. Stacy, Bobby and the entire staff treat you like family. They take a personal interest in everyone who walks through the door and make you feel very welcome. It's like a big happy family! The training/workouts are energizing, fun and very satisfying. I have seen tremendous results in my performance and endurance levels in just two months. Please check them out......you will not be disappointed and you will will find a perfect home for your fitness goals!
A Google User
A Google User
15:53 15 Feb 18
I have been going to Senergy Fitness for the past 3 months and it has been such a life change. Not only have I lost a couple pants sizes but I have gained a great community at Senergy! Your going to equipped and encouraged by the most amazing trainers at this gym. Also, the diverse (age, gender, size, ethnicity ) atmosphere that makes up Synergy Fitness is something I treasure about this gym. Senergy Fitness is worth checking out! It has me in the best shape of my life!
A Google User
A Google User
01:48 23 Mar 18
Senergy has been great. I have been working out there for about 6 months and honestly don't know what i would do without it. After being a long distance runner and hockey player for many years, I was bored and unmotivated working out at "the gym." I found out day 1 that this place is different. The trainers work you hard but I really enjoy it - and it seems that everyone does. The workouts change daily, are timed right and have the perfect music to keep you going. For the first time in years, i wake up excited to go and that's a big leap for me since i wasn't much of a morning person and now am a regular at the 5:30AM class. That's right, 5:30AM - Fired up to take on the day after working out. The Staff is excellent and many time will join the workout with you, if they aren't teaching. The team and participants are very welcoming to new members and you join the club pretty much as soon as you walk in the door. I highly recommend it - Best thing i've done for myself in a long time!
A Google User
A Google User
15:53 20 Mar 18
I always enjoy the physical challenges present with every workout. No two encounters are the same. There is a sense of accomplishment after each session. The trainers are skilled, fun & knowledgeable! If you are looking for a clean, energetic atmosphere, I highly recommend Senegy Fitness!John Buckingham
A Google User
A Google User
03:47 16 Feb 18
Wanted to get back into working out regularly, but not in some big box gym. These guys are great, treat you like family, with all of that I’ve lost 40 lbs. and continue dropping. I would recommend them to anyone
A Google User
A Google User
19:34 15 Feb 18
Time and energy are a couple of the most common preventions for one pursuing their fitness goals. Do you have a busy schedule? Energy levels low? By the time you get home, aren’t you ready to wind down and call it a day? In my experience, Senergy Fitness takes these barriers into consideration. Their group programs are well thought out, designed with a combination of strength and cardio for only 40 minutes. For the last few months I have seen tremendous results in my athletic performance in all areas—balance, flexibility, endurance, energy levels and especially strength. No matter where you are in your fitness journey or what goals you set for yourself, they can be achieved here. The community is full of encouragement and positivity with lots of friendly faces and I can definitely say I haven’t done the same workout twice thus far.
Aubrey Postma
Aubrey Postma
16:36 15 Feb 18
THE BEST!I feel so lucky to have found Senergy. It's not only the best workout but the trainers people really care and the community of other members is fantastic. It's great to be able to show up and know that I don't have to worry about figuring out how to workout that day, it's all set up and ready to go! I've seen dramatic improvements in my physical appearance, stamina, and overall physical/mental health since starting with Senergy. The inclusive environment supports people of all ages and levels of fitness capability. If you're thinking of giving Senergy a try, DO IT!
Angie Webb
Angie Webb
20:31 14 Jan 19
Senergy Fitness is tucked away in a nondescript shopping center off Old Alabama Connector where it meets Mansell, but once you step inside, it's an entirely new world. Not only are the workouts a great challenge for all skill levels, what truly distinguishes this place from the other gyms and personal trainings I've been a part of is the sense that we are all family. I know it's been said in other reviews, but it really is true: the owners Bobby and Stacy are always excited to see you, they workout alongside you, and take a sincere interest in your progress. In fact, all the trainers here are motivating and keep classes fun and challenging! My fellow gym-mates are also very encouraging and help contribute to this wonderful community by giving you a high-five after completing a workout and, if it's the last class of the day, helping put away the equipment for the next day of nothing but the HIITs.My wife and her sister have been coming here for a while before I decided to try it for myself one Friday morning. That particular workout kicked my butt, but I continued to come back, and I'm really glad I did, because I already have more energy and am seeing a transformation in how I look and feel.I encourage everyone to check this place out! You're gonna love the way you feel afterward!
Felipe Archila
Felipe Archila
14:53 06 Feb 19

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